Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day 30 - Woking 22nd April

Woke at 4:30 after getting to sleep around 1 am, the excitement about heading home is comparable to Christmas! Got up at 5 and promptly showered and dressed and by 5:45 was packed and ready to leave. At 6:15 we took bags downstairs and waited to meet up with Dendi at 6:30. At around quarter to we got in our minibus and came to the airport for 7:15, only to be told we had to wait till half 8. Still at 11:15 we taxied onto the runway and took off!

Now sat 40,000ft above the arabian gulf, starting our descent towards Bahrain.

Just left Bahrain, a very pleasant transit, chips from Maccy D's and a giant fanta between me and Rob was very nice. Bought some oreos and a kit-kat for the flight (like I didn't already have enough, plus they gave me dodgy change!) Also bought myself a magazine. On the next leg of my trip home, because of the nature of us being squeezed onto a flight (you won't catch me complaining) we were split up all over the plane, I have landed a window seat (Score!) next to a very nice gentleman, who I assume is returning from a business trip. Will be settling in for the next 7 hours. flying into a jet stream headwind will slow us down and may cause some exciting turbulence.

We've been going slow and taken 6 hours so far, 'bout one to go now! But not seen much turbulence, thankfully. Excitement levels have peaked and am shattered, still almost home now! 38,000 feet over Europe now seen some large cities out of the window, not sure where though? 1:35am Kathmandu time so I am seriously tired now and will probably sleep in the car on the way home.

Well I am afraid that's where it ends, and I must say thank you all for taking an interest in my babble and, to those of you that have followed the whole journey I am sorry for the delays here at the end. Shortly after I put the book back in my bag I fell asleep for the last hour and only woke up when they came round checking seat belts for landing. After the usual fight through passport control we made it to the arrivals lounge where are families were waiting there and we said our hellos and, of course, our good byes. And it was over an adventure had come to a close.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Day 29 - Kathmandu 21st April

Oh my god sorry life has been so busy the last week or so, I really need to get on top of it all...

Woke at half 7 for an early trip to the bakery, in preparation for Rhys & Fiona to go to the Gulf Air office. As it happened they heard aboot LHR opening and set off early. I had a cream doughnut and a custard Danish, very nice! At first we were told five of us would get on a flight tomorrow morning and that they would ring the hotel later with more news. At around three they rang back to say we could all fly to LHR at 11:25am tomorrow. With that we all went up to our rooms to pack, none quite sure if they wanted to let themselves believe it. We decided to go back to the steakhouse for Vicky and Tash who had missed out the night before. I had a club sandwich that was very very good, bread, fried chicken, bacon (lots), bread, mayo, fried eggs, tomato, lettuce, fried onions, bread. Lovely! When we got to the hotel again we settled our bills and again I covered me and Rob at a total of over 11,000rupees!! Then me and Vicky had to settle our bill from before we went to Chitwan. Would have been fine, if I still had the cash to cover it, and then my card had not reached its limit... Had to borrow some cash from Rhys to pay off the bill, but I have an invoice for $200 that we should be able to claim back from the insurance company.