Monday, 3 January 2011

Day 1 - Kathmandu 24th March

Spent most of the day travelling, very exciting to see the mountains from the plane. Flight was quite good, managed to get some sleep. Stopover in Bahrain was fine, achieved very little other than starting my book. Arrival in Kathmandu was manic, people everywhere, huge culture shock. Met Dendi, very nice guy. Hotel is good not exactly 5* (not even 1*) but has everything you could need. Food left a lot to be desired but was edible. Worst part, being the only guests in the hotel meant a 1 hour wait for the food. As for the "new" money belt, it fell apart before we landed in Kathmandu, luckily Rob had a spare and I have now stolen that.
Ticket stubs from my outbound flights.

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