Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day 2 - Kathmandu 25th March

Breakfast was fine, we ordered last night to avoid the one hour delay. Started the morning with a visit to the hotels rooftop garden. Amazing views across the city (and lots of haze from the pollution), then we had a medical briefing in the sun. Next we headed out shopping and then to lunch, where we saw ourselves get overexcited at the sight of a chicken kiev in the shape of a chicken! Soon we headed back and spent the afternoon packing and changing our money (the guys at reception were very helpful and gave us a good rate on the rupees!). But after only two days I am sick of having to carry around monopoly money, at 107 rupees to the dollar. We had a lovely dinner in a touristy restaurant. (I have found a new favourite food chicken momos)
Hotel business card.

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