Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 9 - Gokyo 1st April

Rob's birthday today! We spent the whole day planning his surrise. We rose at an ok hour and set off on a two hour trek to Gokyo. We walked at first through a glacial trough until we climbed up over the side to be greeted by the first lake, although only small it was home to a family of ducks! After an hour walking along the morraine we reached lake 2, a vast frozen expanse of snow. 1 hour later we reached Gokyo and lake 3. Our lodge is pleasant though outhouse toilet may be fun in the night... Dinner was a hearty spaghetti and tomato sauce, delish! However in the Nepalese 10 minutes before dinner (1 British hour) i played so many games of clock patience i may have to kill myself if I lose another. After dinner was party time, Tenzie, our favourite porter, had baked an amazing cake (chocolate and coconut) with marmalade letters on top. We bought rob a mars, twix, kitkat, bounty, etc each, being all you can get 4 days from the nearest shop! The porters had clubbed together and bought a bag of cookies!

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