Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 6 - Dole 29th March

We rose early and played it safe with oat porridge for breakfast. We set out on our long trek to lunch, fortunately we met Claire, a doctor also going on her way to work at the clinic in Machermo, though she stopped before us, as she was doing the trip in three days rather than two. We also got out first sighting of Everest!! It felt surreal to be staring at the tallest thing on the planet! We stopped for lunch in a small hilltop town. Again I played it safe with tomato noodle soup. I also have found that Tash is to be my "mother" forcing me to finish every meal with threats to tell Charlie.* After that we made good progress to Dole arriving around 5. I had a nice chicken soup for tea that made me feel much warmer inside. We spent the evening teaching Dendi and the porters to play cheat but left out the wild cards to avoid blowing their minds.

*Charlie is Tash's sister in-law who works with my aunty.

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