Monday, 24 January 2011

Day 23 - Kathmandu 15th April

Last day, this is it we now have to leave Nepal after what has felt such a short time and yet it feels like a lifetime ago that we left the UK. Despite all of it's hardships (not to mention illness) I would love to come back and do this again and reach base camp. Though it was disappointing  I still had an amazing time and did things I would never have dreamed about 12months ago. But alas with every hello there must be a goodbye and now we must say goodbye to Nepal, even if it is only for a few years, I am sure i will come back one day. So now I am almost all packed, just a few bits like my towel from this mornings shower is still drying but mostly all good. Woke up half six, breakfast at half eight, plan for later is to go for a shop and then lunch at the Kathmandu Guest House at one before we head to the airport at 3:15. Won't be able to write any more as now this book has to be packed into my duffel bag. So I guess it's goodbye as I end the single greatest adventure of my life...

Or not! We went for lunch at the KGH as planned and as we returned, after having changed all our money back to dollars, we were told we can't fly back today because of a volcanic ash cloud at Heathrow!! It is a big disappointment as we were all ready to come home, but still there is nothing we can do about it and so we have now joined a queue of people all over the world waiting to get back to Heathrow. But some people are more needy of a flight home than us so we shall wait our turn. Dinner was just a simple chicken soup, though 'twas a bit salty and now just chillin' in our room real good to be back with Rob after being on my own for so long. So now I will relax get some sleep and hopefully by the morning someone somewhere will know what is going to happen to us?

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