Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 24 - Kathmandu 16th April

Sorry for being silent for the week... I might try to make up lost ground over the weekend... Its been pretty busy here, and I could say I was teasing you with our failed ending but I wasn't I just kept running out of time / forgetting when I had free time... So with out further ado: 

Still here decided that yet another set breakfast would be too much so have, at 9, been out to the supermarket and a bakery, bought water, apple juice, snacks, and apple and custard Danish pastries for today's brekkie. Now we are relaxing on the roof shaving just stuffed ourselves.
After that we headed back down for a brief nap and fully refreshed we set out for lunch in the vegetarian restaurant attached to the bookshop. It was very nice, a veggie chow mien and a fanta. Also ended up buying another book... Lounged all afternoon, joined some local kids for a game of cricket in the hotel courtyard, I was 3rd floor square leg, for a 7/8 yr old one kid could hit several balls up to the 5th floor balconies!! Went for dinner at KC's, had a really nice BLT club and some nice fresh apple juice. Have now resigned myself to the fact that I will have to buy some 'genie pants'. Its only 8:30 now but I am shattered again and considering bed soon.

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