Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Day 10 - Gokyo 2nd April

Acclimatisation Day. Breakfast at 8 today, a nice meal of Tibetan bread (a side note i should probably add that the last few days it has gotten very cold at night, usually involving ice inside the windows!) with apple jam and the ice crystals that form in it in an unheated kitchen... Despite the icy jam it was very enjoyable and after a dose of ibuprofen* I was ready for the days hike. We trekked to Gokyo Ri, a peak at a dizzying height of 5360m though a couple of people had to drop out, we took their cameras with us and got loads of amazing photos. We could see Everest, Cho-Oyu, Makalu, Amadablam and many many more which I can't recall. We returned in  time for lunch macaroni cheese (yes I am fighting homesickness with comfort foods, and its working, only missing home a little). 
      And now everyone is chilling in the lounge catching up on their diaries. And I feel the need to say at the 10 day mark, the furthest, and longest I have ever been away from home, that I am fine, we are all like a family here and having fun but I know even if she won't admit mum will be worried but without reason! This is by far my longest entry, but just sat here all afternoon in the lodge things pop to mind and it makes sense to write them down. Just listened to a meditation CD on my ipod, snuggled up in a blanket, looking out over a frozen lake, a real 'wishing you were here' moment.

*These tablets are amazing! twice in four days it has removed a real b*tch of a headache!!

My AMS and lost child card...

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