Monday, 17 January 2011

Day 15 - Kathmandu 7th April

Lazy day, woke at a normal time breakfast at 9 the usual: eggs, 2, scrambled, toast, 2 slices, with jam, fried potato and a milk tea. Headed into Thamel bought a watch so as to stop using my camera as a clock. Bought some bananas as a snack and a new book as I finished the other two, and a crossword book. Headed back for yet another rooftop lunch - sizzling chicken, very tasty so much in fact that Vicky had the same for dinner! This afternoon our tour guide took us to see the monkey temple, a huge precinct atop the hills to the west of Kathmandu, where you can see hundreds of red monkeys clambering in trees and on statues. From there we visited Durbar Square before returning to the hotel for dinner at half seven, chicken momos lovely!

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