Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 20 - Chitwan 12th April

We were meant to leave today but a strike meant no buses so we stayed an extra night. This morning we just lounged until lunch at 12 and after that at 1 we went on a jeep safari. It was good but still not as good as the elephant one. We saw a rhino, a sloth bear, some deer, and some baby wild boar. At half way we stopped at the crocodile breeding centre where we saw crocodiles and turtles. After that we sat and watched the sunset again and this time I had a hanging garden, mocktail of pineapple juice, coke, banana and coconut milk, and no it didn't taste any better than it sounds... After that we returned for a buffet dinner of a Nepalese dish called Dahl Baht. 

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