Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 3 - Pahkding 26th March

After an average nights sleep we woke early to get the second flight of the day at 10 past 8 however after arriving at the airport we were told it was too cloudy at Lukla and we would have to wait. 2 hours and several card games later we checked in but sat on the other side for 2 more hours. The flight itself was only about 30mins, but 30 mins of scary flying ending with a terrifyingly short runway ending in a brick wall. Due to the delay we arrived at lunch time and ate right away in a lodge run by a friend of Dendis. After a plate of rice we met our porters and set off... after our first injury. Luke had cut himself on a razor whilst checking his pack. After the fairly tough trek we arrived here and had a lovely meal, steamed vegetable momos and discovered that I will be drinking milk tea for the rest of the trip! (I should probably add here that all of the lodges had restaurant style service with menus and a wide variety of choices, much better that the hostel style they were portrayed as.)

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