Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Day 17 - Kathmandu 9th April

Woke at a sensible hour, showered and ate at 8:45 same again but poached eggs. Met our guide at half and took a taxi to the office in baluwatar. From there we got an electric tuk-tuk to the zoo or as the 'english' translation said juu. There we saw all kinds of animals from crocodiles and tigers to peacocks and parakeets. It was good fun but not nice seeing the conditions the animals are kept in, many simply paced their cages. We returned for lunch but first we arranged a trip to the Chitwan National Park. Lunch was a "Kathmandu View Special Burger" or veggie cheese burger to you and me. Spent the afternoon and just got a call saying the bus to Chitwan leaves at 7, we leave the hotel at 6, alarm set to have brekkie at 5:30.

I was going to put a scan of my visa here but I'm not sure about the rules so if you wanna see it email me =P

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