Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Day 18 - Chitwan National Park 10th April

Travel day, woke at 5, breakfast at half past, too early for full cooked so simple pancake it is. Left hotel at 6, got to bus stop half past left kathmandu at 7. Six hours and 3 stops (2 loo breaks and on fuel stop where I bought a mars bar and one white, one milk kitkat chunkies) later we arrived in Braghaputar (in Chitwan) and after a short connection in a safari jeep we arrived at Hotel Parkland. We were given welcome drinks, strange orange liquid that tasted of banana, mango, apple and others I can't place. Then shown to our room. And at 1:45  we sat down for lunch a 2 and a half course affair of cabbage soup, veggie steak (burger) and oranges for desert. Then at 4 we went for a nature walk into the woods. Our guide pointed out lots of birds we could see/hear, we also passed local marijuana plants, though he said they were useless as drugs. We arrived at a riverside cafe where we watched  the sunset whilst sipping cocktails. I had a banana Coladora. Then we returned for dinner, a buffet of; rice, fried veg, boiled veg, fried chicken and bbq sauce. Pudding was a large helping of rice pudding, Yum Yum Yum! We have retired to our room and are now considering sleep at 8 after our early start and busy day.

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