Sunday, 16 January 2011

Day 14 - Kathmandu 6th April

Yay! New room I moved 2 floors down onto the same floor as Vicky rather than the 5th (top) floor as I was before and I have a lock that works! Only differences in this room are is twin beds =( and a wardrobe, its also a little bigger with a south facing window so the solar charger is on the sill 24/7. Today I woke at half six with a case of Monty Zoomer's took an immodium and was fine for breakfast at half 7. We met our private tour guide at 8 and got a taxi to Boudhanath, a sacred site to all Buddhists. It is a large stone dome topped with a statue and prayer flags. The taxi ride home was fun considered the lack of road rules and add to that the fact that the driver was pickled... We made it back to the Pema Treks office where we settled the cost of the helicopter with the company "Fishtail Air" and the insurance company. [ ed. - I should add here that the BMC were fantastic in handling the the claim, and forked out well over $5,000 considered as a member I only paid £45 for the cover] Returned for lunch again on the roof and relaxed in our rooms for the afternoon. OMIGOD!! I'm so lazy i just called room service for a 30p 2L bottle of water, I feel so bad he brought it up on a tray!

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