Thursday, 20 January 2011

Day 19 - Chitwan 11th April

Early start 6am wake up call, breakfast at half past, poached eggs 2, toast, 3 slices, fried potatoes slack handful, fried tomato one half. After my hearty breakfast we were taken by open jeep to the canoeing centre where we boarded our dugout, a lovely hand-crafted local piece with seats for 5 and one standing punter. We were with our guide and an Indian couple who are staying at the same hotel. We set off down the Rapti river and spotted lots of birds including kingfishers and martins with their nests in the banks, doves, herons, cranes, storks, and various waders. However the highlight was definitely the 3m gharial crocodile. We stopped on the bank and walked into the sal forest named after the sal trees. There we saw birds, a small mammal whose name evades me and a sleeping owl! And a group of owlets. We also saw several termite mounds and some strangler vines. From the woods we walked to the elephant breeding centre, where we got to see baby elephants of varying ages. We drove back and had a wander in the local town, in all of the local shops. And returned for another 2 and a half course meal. Mushroom soup, vegetable cutlet (burger) and a tiny green banana for desert. We are now lounging in the hotel untill our elephant back safari at 4.

Just got back from the elephant safari, it was amazing! That alone made the 5hr bus ride worthwhile! We got feet away from a heard of rhino, saw eagles, deer, a crocodile, a monkey, a weasel and loads of types of bird! Our elephant was lovely, if not a bit hairy, and we got to stroke him at the end. Now we are sat in our room absolutely knackered waiting for dinner. Just before we left a bus load of Japanese tourists arrived and joined us on the elephants, this could make life fun for the next couple of days especially if they get the same bus home.

I have to apologise for the lack of pictures but I have had very little time for typing this now we have gone back to school, I will put a big load up this weekend!

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