Saturday, 29 January 2011

Day 26 - Kathmandu 18th

Still here. Woke nice and late today at quarter to nine an set out fairly soon for breakfast ritual. Though today it was pineapple juice, cream doughnut and cinnamon roll, Very good! How could I forget; we had a huge thunderstorm last night! Lightning lit the courtyard like daylight and rain pelted the windows as it was blown horizontally down the street. Have started breaking my rules now, I am writing this and listening to my iPod, a rule I made to avoid running out of things to do! But now I have given up and am just doing what I feel like at the time. Following an afternoon nap I got dressed up again and we went out to La Dolche Vita for a lovely Italian meal, I had a Hawaiian pizza that was to die for! And would have loved to put the remaining three slices in a doggie bag for lunch tomorrow.

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