Sunday, 9 January 2011

Day 7 - Machermo 30th March

We left later than usual as it was only a three hour stint to Machermo. Breakfast was good after an amazing nights sleep. Scrambled eggs that tasted suspiciously like brioche and toast that looked and felt like it had been toasted for 10 seconds over a candle. The walk was a pleasant stroll across hilltops until we reached Machermo at half 12, just in time for lunch. Me and Sophie shared a macaroni cheese and a plate of momos. That afternoon it snowed!! Although it was our snow of the trip we were 4410m up we shouldn't be surprised. But we kitted up and went out to the IPPG (The International Porter Protection Group) AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) talk at the clinic here in Machermo. It was interesting and informative if not a little frightening looking at all of the symptoms. For dinner I ate a Ra-Ra noodle soup, which I thought would be safe seeing as it was a packaged noodle block, but by 'eck it was spicy. As the evening drew in my idiotic lack drinking gave me a smashing headache so I went straight to bed.

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